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Ember Reintro by FeonyxFyre Ember Reintro by FeonyxFyre
This is my reintro of Ember, my fire dragonness. Ember is the youngest in her family of three. her older brother ash (one of my sisters charas) is probly her favorite family member. she never really knew her mom, cuz her mom was killed by ice dragons in the Emental War, when ember was still an egg. her father, who she pretty much hates, kept her hidden from the world, in fear that he would lose his little girl. and because ember started to look like her mother the older she got, this made her father even more protective. Ember didnt really have a problem with this, until she realized what she was missing. around the age of 13, she became very rebellious against her father. her dislike for her father grew when he allowed ash to join the training units for the war, and not her. ember eventually grew to hate her father, as time went by. ash eventually began to agree with ember that their father was taking his protective duties over ember too far. this convinced their father to cut ember some slack. she was now allowed to go wherever, as long as she told her father first, and took ash along. this strengthened her and ash's family bond. after the elemental war, her father cut ember some more slack, and finally allowed her to attend training at the temple, where the guardians had opened up a school to teach young dragons to use their breaths. although, because of his hatred for ice dragons, he forbidded ember to go anywhere near them. ember was fine with this, cause she had been raised to hate them too. she mostly hung out with ash and his friends, until she met Iggy (my sister's ice dragon chara). since he was and ice dragon, she didnt like him at first. but the more they kept running into each other, she eventually joined his little group of friends. when her dad found out there was an ice dragon in her group of friends, he went balistic. he immediately became super strict and protective again about everything. he hated iggy from the moment he heard his name. but, he couldnt take ember away form the school now, for he had already signed her up and stuff. and so, embers hatred for her dad grew stronger yet. she became more rebellious, and would sometimes purposefully do the opposite of what he said to annoy him. now, at age 15, she continues to rebel against her father's ways, and continues to be friends with everyone in their group, including iggy. her past and having to deal with her dad has shaped her personality to be very firey. she's very stubborn, can have somewhat of an attitude, and is very strong-willed. she isnt afraid of much, and stands up to anyone for what she believes in. but, on the opposite side of this firey personality, she is very kind towards those she likes, and can be very caring.

ember's skinny, long, semi cheetah-like build, makes her a very fast runner and flyer, and because of her long neck and legs, she is slightly taller then pretty much everyon in her group of friends, in fact, the only one who's taller then her is iggy.

thats Ember's story, now some things bout the pic!! :) the background, was going to be just the colors, but it wasnt enough. so, i put a enlarged pic of ember in it, and put some firefly star-lookin thingies XD. its my first time doing this kinda pic, so i think i did pretty good at it. :) enjoy dis pic!! :D
Nature-Soul Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
cool u r geting realy good.
FeonyxFyre Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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